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Naughty little Jessie got in trouble with one of her teachers! So he sat her down to talk on the bus and gave her a hot pussy punishment! Jessie squealed in delight as the teacher pounded her tiny twat on the school bus! She knew then and there she was going to have to get in trouble more often!

Desire was skipping school and she accidentally stumbled into the garage where they repair the school busses! Dirty mechanic dropped his shorts and Desire started sucking like a good girl! And just to make sure the mechanic didn't tell on her, he had to fuck her tight pussy too!

Kayla got caught smoking on the school bus by the bus driver! Although he promised he wouldn't tell anyone if she smoked his pole instead! Then she got so horny while giving head that she begged for him to fuck her little pussy!

Rachel Is a girl who knows what she wants, ad what she wants is to bang the loser who drivers the school bus. He's such a rebel. Rebel's make this little girl's panties really wet, and so day....

Lily is known for her sassy mouth! Well one of her teachers got fed up with her attitude and decided to give her a little punishment! First she got some throat fucking so she would keep her mouth quiet, and then her little pussy got a good and hard cock punishment!

Three whacky seniors decide to break into the school bus yard and have a menage atrois in the back of the bus. It's never too early to get ready for college.

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